I have always had a "special way" with animals.  My greatest emphasis has been on training dogs and horses and coaching their human owners how to best communicate with them.  I began riding at age six, showing 

 horses at age eight and began teaching at age thirteen. Growing up in the Chicago area, I eventually owned and managed my own horse farm, Christy Farms.  This was a hunter and jumper show barn.  During this time I rehabilitated several abused and/or neglected dogs and helped them to become well adjusted citizens.

While in Chicago I developed a close relationship with Bill Taylor, founder of National K-9 Security.  A very well respected dog trainer in Chicago, Bill began as an in-home obedience trainer and developed into one of the first and foremost security dog trainers.  He trained the first bomb and drug search dogs for the city of Chicago.

Before we met, I had trained family and friends' dogs in basic obedience.  Bill Taylor mentored me and shared the fruits of his years of experience.  I was exposed to training at the highest level and have applied this knowledge to my own in-home obedience training.

There is one more very important ingredient in my background.  I am a certified Life and Business Coach and have coached many clients to make changes in their lives to achieve greater balance and therefore lead a more fulfilled life.  Using this training, I assess your temperment and learning style and your dog's temperment and learning style.  You will then receive a customized program that will bring out the best in both of you.