My goal in life is to be as good of a person as my dog already thinks I am.






He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.

You are his life, his love, his leader.

He will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of his heart.

You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.



For The Love Of A Dog
by Patricia B. McConnell, PHD

A blend of cutting-edge scientific data and personal experiences with dogs which produces a clear picture of the emotions of dogs.

How Dogs Think
by Stanley Coren

Full of well researched information, this book gives insight to how dog's minds work.

Merle's Door
by Ted Kerasote

What a love story!  This is one of those rare books that tugs at your heart  and at the same time teaches so much about the history and psychology of dogs.

Pamela was great to work with.  Not only did she train our pup to be a good boy, she trained myself on how to be a better dog dad.  I was shocked how much I learned from Pamela.  Out pup is so well behaved now and it's all because of her.  I'd recommend her to anyone.  ESPECIALLY if you have a German shepherd.  She's amazing!  You won't regret it! Tyler D.

Pamela has been awesome with Reese.  She has helped me to understand how important my job is to communicate with my dog for obedience.  We are doing so well! Connie C.

Great experience with Pamela.  Training 3 French bulldogs is a handful but she was amazing and they've grown so much.  Robert R.

​​Pamela really understands dogs and I enjoyed working with her.  Mozzie was very difficult to walk because he always wanted to stop and say hi or lunge at people or dogs, or watch everybody on the Katy Trail.  It was kind of embarrassing.  She's taught me how to be the pack leader and maintain his focus.  I used to hate walking him but now I love it!  We go on at least two long walks every day (pending weather).  Overall he's much calmer and I can tell he wants to be a good dog.  I would highly recommend Pamela to anyone having behavioral issues.  Tanya W.

She was very professional, on time, flexible and very knowledgeable about both dogs and their owners.  It was a pleasure working with her and remember she is all about positive reinforcement with her clients.  I highly recommend her services.  Mike T.

​I adopted a five year old German shepherd that was obviously abused her first five years.  She was frightened of everything and going to the bathroom all over the house.  She wouldn't let me get close enough to pet her.  After a month, I called Pamela and she came to my house to work with us.  It has been amazing.  She is a dog whisperer.  On the first visit I was able to pet Lilly and put a leash on her.  Pamela has taught me the tools to work with Lilly and gain her trust and control her.  Each visit there was amazing progress and I owe everything to Pamela.  She is amazing.

​Carl B.

This was the most awesome experience for both myself and my dog.  Pamela is an amazing trainer--she is like the dog whisperer.  I love that she trains with no treats--our Aussie now listens by commands and I don't have to fumble with treats in a bag or pocket.  I not only had a great experience working with Pamela, she truly became a friend in the process.

​Kara W.

Pamela is the BEST!!  She is so easy to work with and my dog, Jay Jay, took to her instantly!  Jay Jay was having a lot of anxiety, became very protective and was starting to bite.  Pamela taught me how to help him cope and how I was unknowingly making his fears worse.  We still see Pamela often for "tune ups" :)

Sarah D.

Pam is beyond awesome; her coaching didn't just help our dog become part of our family, it helped our family become a better home for our dog!  Pam's extensive experience, knowledge, admirable spirit and character all make her the best investment one could make in the pursuit of harmony between dog(s) and family!  We're so happy to know her and so grateful for all she's done for us and with us.


Pamela is awesome!!!  I have 2 boxers with TONS of energy that were jumping on friends and me!!  And now they know a lot more that I asked for.  They are calm inside my home and they understand that jumping and playing are for outside.  They sit, lay, come, stay on command.  They are a joy to have inside as well as outside as well as outside now that Pamela has trained ALL of us!!  She trains with praise, not food or punishment.  They see her and love her.  I cannot say enough good things about her style and her love for animals.
Marilyn H.

Bill is a four year old rescue dog, a Bichon Frise.  He was house trained--but nothing more.  Pam was a great help in training an unacceptable barking habit and in teaching Bill how to walk without trying to drag me down the street.  He has become civilized when out doors!
I learned along with Bill and am pleased to recommend Pam as a trainer.

Pam began training Brandy five weeks ago.  Brandy, a five month old mini Australian shepard, was bouncy and unruly.  She is now well behaved and will heel, sit, down and stay.  Pam utilizes love, fairness and firmness during her training sessions.  We appreciate her for what she has accomplished.
Don and Geneva

My wife and I adopted our new male Scottish Terrier who is between 1 and 3 years old. We don't know much about Max except that he was abandoned by its previous owner in a rural area The owner did not want him anymore. We got him from a Scotty Rescue facility in Flower Mound about 10 weeks ago. He was house trained, but otherwise unruly, stubborn and hard to walk. We found Pamela on the internet and sought her services to train Max to heel, sit, stay, off, come and down. After 6 weeks of training, Max is a wonderful companion and we feel blessed to have found and rescued him. Pamela trained Max in a firm but compassionate way. He is now a joy to walk and understands the other commands. However, his training must be continued by us and we see improved behavior and understanding of the above commands on a daily basis. We would highly recommend Pamela for your training needs. Joanne and Herb Grubert 

We were so thrilled when we picked up our 8 week old girls, but quickly realized that we didn't know enough about how to raise them properly.  Calling Pamela was the best decision we've ever made.  She is a wealth of knowledge, and is always available to answer questions.  Just knowing that Pamela is there for out family really puts us at ease.  We always have an expert we can call for help.
We all look forward to her training visits.  She's an absolute pleasure to work with.  It's really fun to see our girls progress with each visit.  In addition to training our girls, Pamela teaches us, too.  We learned so much that we're now confident with our own abilities, which is priceless in itself.
Above all else, Pamela's work showed our girls how to do well and make us happy, and they love it.  It's amazing how eager they are to do well.  Our girls are so happy when they do the right thing.  Now every member of our family is doing their best and trying to make each other happy and proud, all because of Pamela.
Brady and Emi